July 15, 2024

Given their unique strength and ability, Goliaths might secure titles given their accomplishments or attributes. The Goliath race’s characteristics culminate with its component races’ self-defiant pride and demanding will. The Goliath race has strength on its side. The subrace, constructed in light of their heritage, resistance to weapons such as chain or crossbow bolts, and even magic-based weaponry.

It is that of a naturally larger size than humans. Their imposing physical features are attributed to their ancestors living in mines and castles. This might prove advantageous for these creatures in the long run because they can better avoid harm by ducking behind rocks or using more subtle tactics in a battle.

What is Goliath?

Goliath is a playable race for the DND game. It is, in fact, a subrace of the giant race. Goliaths are rare due to their lack of number and lesser tendency to reproduce. Depending on its heritage, an adult Goliath can be as tall as 2 and ½ feet or taller. Its weight can be from 150 pounds to 250 pounds. They are a strong race with natural features that enable them to survive in harsh terrains without being bothered by large predators and other hazards. 

Their natural strength can also put them in an excellent position to fight against weaker opponents. Generally, they are not considered humanoids or even giants by any other race. This could be because they are made up of two races – humans and giants. This is why other races also call them dwarfed giants – both large and small as to their origins. No one else in the world shares their size with them, with most races deeming themselves giants instead of Goliaths.

Is Goliath a decent race in 5e?

In Goliath 5e is an excellent race for Strength builds. Due to their high constitution and the likeliness of their body increasing through levels, they can survive in the harshest terrains. Due to their resistance against poison and even disease, their natural ability makes them a good choice for players who choose this race for any wilderness adventure campaign. Goliaths’ proficiency with great axes and ownership of a +1 or +2 weapon makes them excellent battle party members. 

Goliath has the following racial features:

Goliaths are intelligent, intense, and challenging.

+2 Strength, –1 Dexterity: Goliaths are heavy when moving through rugged terrain. While in such a landscape, Goliaths have a movement speed of 20 feet. This bonus increases to +4 when they’re wearing no armor or light armor and increases by an additional 4 feet while wearing medium or heavy armor.

Medium: Goliaths are Medium creatures with no bonuses or penalties due to their size. Goliaths have no bonuses on attack rolls for being more significant than other creatures.

Average Speed: Goliaths have a base speed of 30 feet.

Darkvision: Goliaths can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is only black and white, but it is like regular sight, and Goliaths can function just fine with no light.

Natural Athlete: Goliath gets an additional +2 to any Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution checks when rolling for initiative. They also have proficiency in Athletics checks involving jumping or balancing.

The Unique Traits of Goliaths in D&D 5e:

Due to the Goliath bloodline, a character has natural resilience against ranged weaponry. A Goliath has the advantage against being hit with crossbow and sling bullets. On top of that, their higher durability offers them an edge against poison damage and disease. A Goliath’s constitution increases by 1, and they get +2 to constitution saving throws. The Goliath subrace also makes them proficient in athletics regarding jumping or balancing. This is helpful regarding the extra strength in the hands of a Goliath. They are also gifted with a great axe, heavy mace, and tower shields. On top of that, a Goliath can use these weapons in two-handed and one-handed modes, as their proficiency suggests.

  • In addition to their traits, Goliaths are also gifted with the following additional abilities:
  • They have an advantage on saving throws against being poisoned or subjected to spells or effects.
  • They have an edge on survival checks in extreme or dangerous environments and natural hazards.
  • When making a saving throw against a product that causes unusual movement or teleportation that they can see, a Goliath has an advantage on the saving throw.


The Goliath is a decent subrace for Strength-based characters in DnD 5e. It is even more so perfect for players who prefer to be at the center of attention by being able to be the “tank” and “bruiser.” This subrace is also good at surviving in harsh terrains and situations. In addition, their strength comes into play, especially when it comes to fights. They are good party members because of their tough resistance against ranged weaponry, disease, and poison damage. They have +2 to any roll involving athletics involving jumping or balancing – this is an incredible asset when it comes to the additional strength that they have.